FLYing Basics: Day 5 The Morning Routine

How are you doing so far? Today, start the day doing what you’ve already done:

Your Morning Routine BIG 3:

1. Make your bed

2. Dress to shoes

3. Shine your Sink

For me, these are my morning non-negotiables; if nothing else, these are things that have to be done before I head out the door. Make theses solid habits, and you whole day will move smoother. We will soon be creating a Big 3 list for morning, afternoon and evening routines. Keep up the good work…you are starting to FLY!

Today’s Mission: Begin a Household Notebook

Every home needs a manual to run smooth — A place where you can keep all your routines, planning supplies and information that keeps your home on track. Flylady calls the household notebook the “Control Journal” because it is like the Control Tower for your home. I like to call it my “flight manual”. Now, I don’t want you to head out to the store to find the prettiest binder and supplies; that time will come soon. We’ll start low-tech and work our way to the pretty version in baby steps. If we try to do it all in one day our perfectionism will take over, we’ll spend way too long getting it right, and then we won’t even use it!

Today, let’s just focus on on our Morning Routine. Your routines will be the most important part of your Control Journal. Set aside 15 min., and do 2 things:

(1) Morning Routine Daily Sheet

Grab a blank sheet of paper and a pencil or pen. Make a short list of things you would like to do each morning. Think of things that keep your home flowing, like starting a load of laundry or tidying up the bathroom. Don’t put too much on there, just the things you want to aim to do EVERY morning (not more than 10 items). You may want to write in pencil for now, and tweak for later. Next, highlight your BIG 3 on your list. You will use this as a sort of morning checklist, and you want the Big 3 to stand out so you will do these 1st. The goal is to complete the Big 3 each day, and if you get more done on your list, great! But the Big 3 always is the Focus. Pictured is the MR from my home notebook. My Big 3 is color-coded in blue, so I can mentally check those off. Every Sunday, I spend 20-30 min. in the afternoon, planning my week and tweaking my CJ (that allows me to tackle my CJ in babysteps). In addition to my Big 3 I highlight one additional item in blue that I am working on building into a habit (write now it is a 2 min. hotspot). As I lock my tasks into habits, I can change them to blue on my list. This allows me to babystep my tasks into habits, focusing on just adding 1 in at a time. I don’t have to be perfect with the whole list write a way. I am striving for daily progress, not perfection. Now, tuck this sheet into a folder, or handwrite it into a spiral notebook, until you have a set time during the week to tweak it. We’ll get to binders later!

(2) Your MR Big 3 Card

On a 3×5 card or post-it, write out the Big 3 list we have been working on. Put it someplace you can look at it everyday. You want this to be your main focus until you have it locked into routine. I keep mine hanging above my computer right next to my wall calendar. I see it before I even get on the computer in the morning. That Big 3 is my morning priority. I’m not leaving the house until it is done!

Focus on keeping things simple for greatest success. Happy Flying!



  1. georgiagirl1947 says:

    Love it šŸ™‚

  2. Here’s a laugh for you:
    This is probably the 5th time I’ve read this post (i reread your posts occasionally for inspiration), and it took me till now to realize that you do your big 3 first, not in the exact order that it is listed on your morning routine. That sure helps me understand how you make sure the big 3 always get done. šŸ™‚ Thanks! That will help me; I had my big 3 scattered across my morning.

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