FLYing Basics: Day 7 The Before Bed Routine

Streamlining Your Before Bed Routine

Today, we are going to create another page for our Control Journal or Home Notebook; we will be focusing on our Before Bed Routine (BBR). Your BBR is the most important routine of the day. If you can get consistent here, all your other daily routines will fall neatly in place, and you will find that your mornings are a breeze. Your Before Bed Routine is designed to do 3 things: (1) Nightly home clean-up, (2) Prepare for tomorrow and (3) Take care of YOU. I’ll give you a glimpse of my current routine, and then you can create your own.

Nightly Clean-up

My BBR begins in the kitchen because my 1st priority is shining my sink. While cooking dinner, I prepared a sink of soapy water so dishes can go in immediately after dinner. And then just before my kids begin preparing for bed, I return to the kitchen with the goal of closing the kitchen for the night. Dishes are rinsed off and put in dishwasher (which is now a breeze since they have been soaking), and then I use the soapy water to scrub the sink clean. Sink is shiny again! I aim to wash the pots and pans during my cooking time, that way only dishes are my concern after dinner. If I making lunches during the school year, make those after the sink. I finish off the kitchen by quickly wiping the dinner table and counters, and if time allows I run my carpet sweeper over the floor. With consistency, I can get this done in 10-15 min. Kitchen is closed!

Prepare for Tomorrow

While I do my kitchen, I have my kids put away their toys and return their belongings to their room, so now my main living area is fairly tidied too. Now they can head into put on their pajamas and brush teeth (they have their own routine list to tackle). While they are getting ready for bed, I prepare for the next day. 1st stop is my desk where I do a 2 min. hotspot fire drill every single night. I mentally cannot get started with my day with projects all over the desk. I give it a quick cleanup, quickly check my calendar, and then take a few minutes to write out a short to-do list for the next morning (we’ll go over this step tomorrow in Day 8). Finish off my planning by setting things I will need tomorrow in my launchpad. This is all done in about 10 min.

Taking Care of You

Now that everything is ready for tomorrow, I can start preparing for bed. First, I set out my clothes for tomorrow and then I change into my pajamas. I finish off by washing my face, brushing teeth and taking any medications. Now, I can go relax or head to bed. Everything is set for the coming day!

Your Mission: Create your BBR sheet

Now, its your turn. Your list will likely differ from mine. Just grab a sheet and make a quick list of the activities you need to do to tidy up, prepare for tomorrow and take care of you; then simplify your list into a simple plan. You may want to highlight your Big 3 of non-negotiable items so that they stand out. Keep your list as lean as possible, because you don’t want to a long list to tackle when you are worn out from the day. Once your list is complete, make your Big 3 card just like you did for your morning routine. You already have your 1st 2 items: (1) shine your sink and (2) Set our your clothes. Now pick the 3rd item that will keep you on track if you could only tackle those 3. Congrats! You are all set for tonight. Happy Flying!


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