FLYing Basics: Day 8 – Calendar

We’ve been working through the basics for a week now! How do you feel? Each day we tackle our basics we are building the foundation for a streamlined home. Keep up the good work! So far we are incorporating these steps into our day:

Morning Routine 1. Getting dressed to shoes 2. Making your bed 3. Shining your sink

Before Bed Routine 1. Shining your sink 2. Setting out your clothes for tomorrow 3. task of your choice (mine is hotspot fire drill)

***Bonus task – 2 min. hotspot fire drill once or twice a day

Using your FLYing tools: The Calendar

The Calendar is a critical tool to smoothly operate your home and to get your family where they need to go. I used to think I had a terrific memory, so I rarely used the calendar. I began really making use of it about 9 years ago, when I made the embarrassing blunder of forgetting about a scheduled dinner with my friends parents. They called to see where we were about 2 hours after the start time, and I had to sheepishly admit I had forgotten all about it. After that, I put my calendar to good use!

Every family needs a good wall calendar where all the family activities can be recorded and seen. I personally love the 17-month Flylady calendar (pictured) which can be found in the Flyshop at It has giant squares for all of my appointments, and it comes with fun stickers to mark all your important dates and household tasks. I’ve been relying on this calendar for the last 5 years.

Grab Your Supplies

Until you find the best calendar for your family, grab a simple wall calendar or print out a blank calendar sheet off the computer. You’ll want to add all your families current activities, birthdays and important events. I do this just before the start of each month. I like to use colored pens to color-code my family activities. And if you use pens, white out tape is a nice tool to have handy to make any corrections during the month. Each family member has their own color (for now, while my kids are small, they share a color) — Me: pink, Husband: blue, kids: green, Family activities: orange. Color-coding makes the activities easy to see at a glance, and it looks cute. I have also begun writing the due dates for all bills in red on the calendar. I can look at the upcoming week’s due bills when I do my bill paying once a week. This prevents big increases in my credit card interest for missed payments– very important!

You can track your families activities in other areas of the home, or in a personal day planner, but you should make the Family Wall Calendar your 1st stop when you have a new activity to add. When the mail comes in, mark any upcoming invites, bills or activities of interest right on the calendar. Don’t wait! My Flylady calendar has a pocket in the back where I can slide any invites or important activity info into to it as well. For fun I purchased star stickers to reward and track the good home habits I am working on for the month. When you make it fun, things get done!

New Task: Check Calendar & Start a To-Do List

During the prepare for tomorrow step of your Before Bed Routine, you want to take a few minutes to check your calendar for the next day’s activities. It’s a good idea to check before you set out your clothes for the next day, so you know what you need to wear. Sometimes I set out 2 sets of clothes depending on what I will doing during the day (one for workout, one for work for example). After my calendar check, I write out a quick to do list for the coming day. I recently have been using a Daily Docket form. I like the one from in the free printable section. I keep a stack in my home management binder. Many other sites like have daily docket forms as well. The daily docket I use has a place to write my to-do list, track my water intake for the day, and plan my day’s meals. I make a short to do list and then I highlight my 3 most important tasks and focus on just tackling those. This gives me a narrower focus for my day and keeps me on track.

Your Homework:

Find a good calendar and start filling in your activities. Before bed, glance at the calendar and make a to-do list for the next day (even on a post-it is fine). Have a Happy FLYing day!


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