FLYing Basics: Day 17 – Take A Day Off

Relaxing on the beach


You have been working so hard.  You deserve a break.  Today, I want you to give yourself a vacation from the responsibilities of your home and take some time for YOU!  Go relax for a bit, go to a coffee shop, or relax in your yard — do something to unwind a bit before your week begins. Every once in a while we need to recharge our batteries.  The laundry can wait until tomorrow.  FLYing is about creating simple routines, and then pacing ourselves.  We need to build time for ourselves and our families into our schedule so that we can experience a happy home.

Today’s Homework:

 Grab your favorite beverage, turn on some easy-listening music, and sit somewhere comfy.  Sip your drink and relax.  Just enjoy the music for 5-10 min (more if you can).  Take a few minutes just for you.  And then take the rest of the day to spend with your family.  My family doesn’t need me cleaning every minute, they need some time with me!  I’m going to take the rest of the day to play.  I hope you will too.  Don’t worry about an elaborate Before Bed Routine tonight– just hit your Big 3 and then get some rest!  Now that’s what Finally Loving Yourself (FLYing) is all about!


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