FLYing Basics: Day 18 The Basic Weekly Plan

Now that we have started working on building  our daily routines, we are ready to create our Basic Weekly Plan.  The Basic Weekly plan sets a focus for each day so you can smoothly manage your home.  Before we begin grab your supplies:  (1) pen or pencil, (2) 1-2 sheets of paper, (3) your calendar or the weekly schedule you created on Day 13, (4) 3×5 cards if you have them (optional).

Each Day Needs A Focus

I want you to consider the regular tasks that need to be done each week.  Here’s a link to the Flylady’s plan:  The awesome thing is our lists can be different.  You pick the days of the week and the tasks that you need to do.  Your week doesn’t need to look like mine, and mine doesn’t have to look like Flylady’s.  Here are some focuses you might like to include:

Desk day: time to pay bills, file papers, send cards, shred documents

Menu planning:  select meals for the week, grocery list, maybe clean out your fridge

Errand day: Groceries, post office, Library, return movies, etc.

Weekly Home Blessing Hour:  weekly cleaning time (we’ll discuss this later)

Weekly schedule planning time or time to work on Control Journal

Cleaning out your car and purse

Family Fun time or Date Night, time for Pampering (they can share a day or be on different days)

Creating Your Plan

Step 1:  Grab a piece of paper and your pencil, and write out all the days of the week (spread them out so you have room to brainstorm with your tasks).  Take a look at your general weekly schedule — What days have more activities than others?  Those days need light tasks or ones that will take less time.  Bigger tasks can go on your more open days.  Just keep that in mind as we move forward

Step 2:  When do you want to do your grocery shopping?  Pick a day and time that works best for you.  During the school year my youngest son and I would run to the store on Monday mornings, but now that my other son is out of school it is just too much work to take them both with me.  So, now that I am revamping my plan for the summer, I am moving grocery shopping to Thursday nights when husband can watch my kids.  You also may want to pick a day that allows you to do your Menu planning and any fridge cleaning the day before (so that day for me will be Wed).  Pick days for these items and fill them in on your sheet.

Step 3:  Select one day for your Desk duties (bill paying and paperwork) and one day for you Weekly Home Blessing time.  And then look over the rest of the list and add those where you think they will fit in good.  Take a look at my photo as an example.  This is a flexible list –these items aren’t set in stone.  I can try them out this week and see how it works.  If I don’t like it, I can change it.

Step 4:  This step can be done later when you are working on your Control Journal, if you would like.  Once your plan is set like you want, make a pretty one-sheet Weekly plan for your control journal or write your daily plan on separate 3×5 cards for each day of the week (pictured is my plan for Thurs).  I like the 3×5 cards because I can pull out that day’s card and keep it in front of me with my focus items.  I don’t do everything on my list; these are just things I could work on during the day.  I look over my my list and see what things I might need to do.  Doing it this way, you can focus on the same items once a week, and you don’t forget or put things off!

The Week Ahead on “Happy Home Habits”:

You can take as long on this project as you need this week.  For the next 5 days or so, I will be focusing the blog on one of the Basic Weekly Plan topics so you can see how I implement it.  I’ll be offering a few tips that I have come up with along the way.  Since your list is likely different just keep working your daily routines, and then read over the coming posts.  Start implementing your own Weekly plan whenever you are ready, and just go back to the blog posts that work on the focus day you have in front of you.  Happy Flying!


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