FLYing Basics: Day 27 – The Afternoon Routine

So far we have our Morning Routine and Evening Routine in place.  And now that we have set up our schedules, we also know which weekly tasks we want to focus on during the week.  But when do we do them?  We tackle our focus tasks during the Afternoon Routine.  You can call it an After-school, After-work, After-breakfast routine if that works better for you.  We just need a routine that will tackle our mid-day activities.

Creating Your Afternoon Routine

The 1st thing you will want to do is select your Big 3.  These are the 3 main tasks you want to tackle during the day.  One should be the daily focus task that you selected when you created your Weekly plan (pay bills, errands, menu-planning, etc.).  This is also the time you fit in your daily 15 min. declutter session.  So, that leaves you with one last task to pick.  You choose.  My Big 3 are:  (1) 15-min. Declutter  (2) Daily Focus task  (3) Prepare for Dinner.

Your longer AR list might include laundry, lunch clean-up or “Kelly’s Mission”.  “Kelly’s Missions” are short cleaning or organizing tasks for whatever zone of the house we are working in.  You can find these missions, Monday through Friday, at  They are located in the Launch Pad section on  Today’s example mission is a quick vacuum of your living room!  I like to add these simple missions whenever possible.

Have a Plan “B”

If you work or have a lot of outside commitments, your AR might not fit into the same time slot everyday.  It may not even end up in the afternoon!  It’s good to have a Plan B for those days.  On my own schedule, I have 3 days where I work in the afternoon or evening.  On those days, I do my AR in the morning, shortly after my Morning Routine, and I focus on my Big 3 only.  On the other days of the week, I can spread my AR out over the mid-day or focus on it in the Afternoon.  My week was a wreck before I realized that I needed to have a Plan B on work days.  Without paying attention, I would miss the time available on my work days, and important tasks were getting pushed onto different days.  The weekly plan only works if you use it, and use it daily.  A little forethought will keep you right on track.

Once you have set your Big 3, write it out on a 3×5 and post it where you can see it until you make this routine a habit.  Have you gotten a chance to start your daily decluttering yet?  Before you go to bed tonight, take a look at tomorrow’s schedule and see when the best time for your AR Big 3 will be.  If at all possible, make it your goal to fit in 15 min. of decluttering tomorrow.  We want to eventually make this a daily habit.  Decluttering once-a-day will keep your home chaos away! 



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