How to WIN your Weekend, and Start the Week right.

Win A few weeks ago, a friend and I were discussing how busy we are with family activities on the weekends. My friend mentioned how she felt a sense of failure on Mondays because her weekend was so full, she had let the house go and now had a disaster to face. It definitely is overwhelming to start your week with a house full of chaos; it just makes me want to crawl back in bed. But we don’t have to repeat this cycle every week! You can have a full weekend, and still maintain your home with a little bit of planning. We CAN win our weekend!

Tackle Your “Before Bed Routine” At All Costs

So, the 1st, and main thing you NEED to do during a busy weekend is focus all of your energy at the end of the day into completing your Before Bed Routine.  Now, I know after a full day that you will be exhausted, so I’m not suggesting a full-fledged Before Bed routine like you normally do during the week.  Plan for 3 items tops!  And at the absolute least, plan to tackle the dishes.

Here are my Weekend-night goals:

1. Close my kitchen – When energy and time allows, I aim to finish my dishes, wipe the counters off, and run my sweeper over the kitchen floor.  But on the busiest nights I focus just on tackling the dishes.  You start the next day ahead when your sink is empty.  Otherwise, you are just adding to pile after pile of dishes.  I want to consider this your weekend goal: Don’t go to bed until your dishes are done.  That is what is going to make or break the maintenance of your home over the weekend — trust me.  Really push yourself to get this done.  I don’t care if you accomplish any other habit the whole weekend.  If you can tackle your dishes each night, you are a Winner in my book!  I challenged another busy-weekend friend to just do this last summer, and what a difference it made for her home on those days.  If you find that you just can’t do this on the weekends, then I would recommend making weekends paper-plate only, so that you don’t even have to deal with the dishes!

2. Nightly Pick-Up  It’s a good idea to get your whole family involved in a quick 10 min. clean-up before bed.  Have everyone run through the house collecting their own belongings and put them away.  If there is clean laundry left out, either quickly put it away, or at least corral it in a laundry basket until it can be tackled.  You don’t have to get the whole house clean.  10 min. will get a lot put away, especially if everyone chips in.  You might even aim to make it a fun game by turning on the radio, and trying to get as much done before 3 songs are done!  (But if energy is low, you tackle the sink while your family tackles their clean-up).

3. Get Things Ready for Tomorrow – This step is just the icing on the cake.  If you have time, think about tomorrow and prepare ahead.  Set your clothes out for the next day, and have any supplies or bags ready and by the door.  This will make the next morning go much smoother, and give you more time to make your bed, and do a quick tidy before heading out the door.

Start Your Weekend with a “Shiny” House

One thing I do to get ready for my weekend is to do my Weekly Home Blessing Hour on Friday mornings.  Your Weekly Home Blessing is just 7 tasks you do to shine up your home once a week.  On my list are: Changing beds, dusting, dust-mopping, vacuuming, emptying trash, damp-mop kitchen and bathroom, cleaning mirrors.  This is not a deep-cleaning, it’s a “just the middles” cleaning.  I time myself, and spend only 10 min. per item; just enough to give the house a little shine!  Now, I know Fridays doesn’t work for all schedules, so you can pick any day of the week, or one item each day during the week.  But if you do have an hour during on the day on Fridays, it sure feels good to start the weekend with a sparkly home.  Check out The Flylady‘s WHB Podcast and follow along:

Get Ready to Win!

So, what do I want you to remember this weekend??  Think “Sink” and make sure those dishes are done every night!  See, what a difference it makes.  I hope you have a great weekend, and start the next week with a little less chaos this time.