New Year, Same Old Habits (Just Better)

Hello Friends!  I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me in awhile; 2014 got off to a busy start.  I’d love to share with you what I’ve been doing since the year began.  For the last few years, I have worked my way through the baby steps at for the month of January.  But this year, I decided to just do a Routine Reboot, brushing up on 4 of my most basic home habits.  I worked on just 1 habit a week, and each week added 1 new habit to the week before.  Here’s how I did it:

Routine Reboot

christmas 023Week 1 – For the 1st week, I focused on my #1 Habit – “Shining the Sink” aka “Dealing with Dishes”.  My main focus each day was to deal with my Breakfast dishes in the morning and make sure my Dinner dishes were done at night.  On day 1, I also gave the sink a good scrub to get it sparkly.  I quickly discovered that it might work well to fill the sink with soapy water while I waited for my coffee to brew in the morning.  My family often has breakfast while I am in the shower, so having the soapy water ready allows them to put their breakfast dishes into the sink to soak while I finish getting ready.  After I’m ready for work, I just rinse them off and either put them in the dish drainer or the dish washer.  In the evening, I start my soapy water before I even start cleaning, so that everything can soak before dinner even begins.  Again, my family can then just add their dishes after the meal, and I can clean-up right away.

habits 024Week 2 – This week I continued to keep my focus on the sink but I made sure to also make my bed each morning before leaving for work.  I found that the best time for me to make my bed was on my way to the shower after I had my cup of coffee.  I’d quickly make up the bed, grab my work clothes and then head to the shower.  On Day 1 of this week, I also pulled all the bedding off (including the pillow shams) and washed all of it to start the week right.  I began developing a real rhythm with each day I worked through my habits.


routinesWeek 3 – My new habit for Week 3 was “The 10-min Tidy.  I started out just implementing a whole family 10 minute clean-up before bed at night, and then gradually begin doing a 5-10 min. clean-up before leaving the house.  This is a habit I really need to practice.  Its the key to keeping everything looking nice (and training my kids to clean up after themselves).  I also continued my 1st 3 habits each day and night.

Week 4 – This week was a busy one, so I decided just to review my 3 habits for the week and really get my rhythm going.

house 001Week 5 – This week was all about focusing on the laundry.  After my other morning habits, I tackled my laundry with a 1-2 punch:  (1) I went on a scavenger hunt for dirty laundry throughout the house (on the floors and in the hamper) and brought it to the laundry, and (2) I worked on putting any clean clothes I spotted around the house away.  These 2 steps got my house nice and tidy before even loading the washer.  So, this became my main laundry mission for the morning.

Getting Into a Rhythm

This Routine Reboot was really wonderful for me.  I’ve been in my new home since May of last year, but I had struggled to find a good rhythm for my routines even though I new the steps to take.  Each house has its own place to put things, and has its own rhythm.  This 5 week review helped me create new efficiency, and opened my eyes to how I could be doing my routines more easily each day.  If you have been struggling with your routines, I encourage you to try this reboot, and see how it works for you.  Get a rhythm going in your home with your own Happy Habits!