New Season for Clean


Can you believe it?  It’s September already!!  This year is just flying by, isn’t it?  September to me means two fabulous things:  (1) My pumpkin spice latte is back at Starbucks, and (2) I can get out my much-loved Fall Décor!!  I love, love, love the colors of fall; they add such a warm cozy feel to my home.  I can’t wait to tear into the Fall bins stored in my garage!

new 033 Give Yourself A Reason to Clean

It’s been 2 weeks since school started, and I’m still working to catch my breath.  My work schedule changed along with the school schedule, and with those adjustments cleaning has moved to the back burner; I’ve only had time to deal with the basics.

Now’s the time to get things back in shape.  What better inspiration to tidy up, then the promise of pulling out my favorite home décor?  Here’s my rule on decorating: Never pull out decorations until the area you want to decorate is clean and organized.  I save my “play” (decorating) for after my “work” (cleaning).  By linking the two activities, I am highly motivated to clean up quickly.

decor 001Clean-Up 1st

Before getting out my bins, I selected my 1st area to clean: the kitchen.  I decided to use Flylady’s Crisis Cleaning Podcast to help me clean-up as quickly as possible.  You can find this valuable cleaning tool at   This podcast leads you through 3 15-minute cleaning session focused on the kitchen, living room and bathroom, so you can tidy in a hurry.  I use it anytime I need a quick clean-up.  You can follow her instructions straight through all 3 rooms, or if needed, pause after each room’s session and replay if necessary.    In this particular case I think I replayed the kitchen section 3 times!  But it did the trick.  I started with the sink and worked my way clock-wise around the room tidying all the surfaces.

614Out with the Old

For most of the year, my kitchen is decorated with little chefs.  But for fall, I like to put out some pumpkins and scarecrows, so the chefs will go into hiding.  I removed all the chefs from my newly cleaned kitchen and set them all on the dining room table.  The moment I had been waiting for was here…..I could now crack open my Fall bin and get out my décor!

new 029In With the New

I particularly liked how I decorated above my cabinets last year, so I looked at a photo I had taken to preserve my display, and then just pulled out the right pieces!  Voila!  Scarecrows and pumpkins now sit above the cabinets.  I also found my seasonal candles!! 


new 027

A Little Something Extra

For a little fun I added just a couple new pieces to my décor this year.  I picked up a new tablecloth from my local Home Goods store, and a little centerpiece.  Now my dining area is freshened up too.

The kitchen is now done, and I can put my little chefs in the bin that the fall stuff came out of and store them back in the garage.  When I’m ready to take down the fall stuff, I’ll do a quick de-clutter of my Fall bins and remove any items I don’t love any more.

In about an hour my kitchen has gone from disarray to warm and tidy!  I can’t wait to move on to the rest of the house, and get my other boxes open.  Off I go!