Journey with Me

I am a young Christian wife and mom striving to balance home, work and faith.  Join me on my journey, and together we will build habits that will simplify our daily lives and bless our families.  I have been using the Flylady housekeeping system for over 10 years in my home, and that system is the basis for helping me babystep my way to good habits in my home, family life and spiritual disciplines.  I hope you will discover along with me the joy of blessing your family through the art of homemaking.



  1. I am a young mother of 2. My husband passed away May 30, 2013. I am struggling with getting back to a basic routine. Could you tell me the best place to start. I have browsed your site and love a lot of your ideas. Tried flylady but I am more detailed and do not need the declutter ing. Only a new routine and fresh way of keeping up with my days

    • I’m so sorry to hear of your loss! You definitely need time to grieve, and during this time you need to scale back to just the basics. I would start with creating a “Big 3” routine for morning and night. I go over it in the Flying Basics, but basically just pick 3 (and only 3) simple tasks you would like to make sure are done in the morning and evening even if nothing else can get done that day. My current Morning Big 3 is Make Bed, Dishes, and collect dirty laundry. At night, I try to complete the dishes and leave sink empty, set out clothes for the next day, and do a quick 10 min tidy of the living room. These can change over time and on days you feel like more, you can. This just gives you a set of priorities to start with. Start on focusing on your night or morning, and then add the other Big 3 when ready. And be sure to be patient with yourself during this time. Sending you prayers for your family.

      • I’m going to work on the Big 3 for morning & evening from Jan 1st as I find if I do these 3 (6) things my day goes better.

        Will you be doing anymore articles on Babysteps in the new year?

        Thanks for a great blog, you always motivate me:)

      • Yes, I’ll likely be adding in a couple of posts to go over the basics this New Year. Currently, I am doing a Routine Reboot Challenge at my page The Happy Home Habits on Facebook. Come join in with us there!

  2. Hillary Darnsteadt says:

    I am a teacher and a new wife, well 4th year 🙂
    I am hoping to begin solidifying happy home habits and more importantly securing my spiritual habits to grow in Christ. I hope to hear from you! I am someone who needs support and encouragement.

    Thank you for your blog. I’m diving in now 🙂

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